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The David Knight Show

<span font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif"="">David Knight brings you the real news in real time…on The David Knight Show, weekday mornings as news anchor, reporter and radio host, David has broadcast live from events ranging from political conventions to the Bundy ranch standoff. With guests ranging from the former tech head of the NSA to the New Jersey Weedman, the broadcasts are diverse, compelling, insightful, surprising, and even humorous as David interacts with listeners from a global audience and social media in real time. As an entrepreneur with a background in engineering and politics, Knight explores the junction of business, technology and freedom with experts in their field. Firing bullet points in the information war against fake news, David makes sense common again.

More about David Knight:

• Campaign manager for Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate Scott McLaughlin in North Carolina. Achieved record third party vote total for North Carolina and sued, on that basis, to change restrictive ballot access laws.

• After GOP Congressional landslide win in 1994 with Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America, ran as Libertarian Congressional Candidate, NC 1996: “Bill of Rights is OUR Contract with America”

• National delegate to real, old-fashioned brokered presidential nominating conventions as member of LP

• Media Fellow for American Tradition Institute

• B.S. in Electrical Engineering, magna cum laude, University of South Florida; member IEEE and Tau Beta Pi

• Employed as engineer for Texas Instruments & Data General before following my father and both grandfathers in running my own small businesses for 25 years

• Joined InfoWars 2012

The David Knight Show
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Weekdays 12am & 9am Eastern
9pm & 6am Pacific

Saturdays 4am Eastern
1am Pacific

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