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K-Star Talk Radio – Program Schedule (**All times Eastern Time Zone)

Program Schedule | K-Star Talk Radio Network

Program Schedule ***All Eastern Times Listed
Day/Time Program
12AM - 3AM American Journal (Rebroadcast)
3AM - 4AM Institute on the Constitution
4AM - 6AM The Best of Radio Liberty w/Dr. Stan Monteith
6AM - 8AM The Power Hour (Rebroadcast)
8AM - 9AM OAN News Hour
9AM - 9:05AM The Edward's Notebook Commentary
9AM - 12AM The American Journal (LIVE)
12PM - 2PM  The Power Hour LIVE (Mon, Wed, Fri)
1PM - 2PM  Spouting Off with Karen Kataline (Tues & Thurs)
2PM - 3PM The Kevin Jackson Show
2PM - 3PM (Fri.) Spouting Off LIVE w/Karen Kataline
3PM - 4PM Ron Edwards' American Experience
4PM - 7PM The War Room with Owen Shroyer
6PM - 6:05PM The Edward's Notebook Commentary
7PM - 9PM  The Hagmann Report
9PM - 12AM  The Joe Messina Show
12AM - 3AM Govern American Channel - Overnight
3AM - 5AM Erskine Overnight
5AM - 6AM The Divided Kingdom
6AM - 7AM Understanding the Times w/Jan Markell
7AM - 8AM Truth Seekers Radio Show
8AM - 9AM Spouting Off with Karen Kataline
9AM - 11AM Korelin Economic Report
11AM - 2PM Govern America w/ Darren Weeks & Vicky Davis
4PM - 5PM Dr. Kroupa's Natural Health Hours
5PM - 6PM The Divided Kingdom
6PM - 8PM Point of View with Josh Barnes
8PM - 9PM Ron Edwards' American Experience
9PM - 10PM The Tom Donahue Show
10PM - 12AM Ark Midnight w/ John B. Wells
12AM - 1AM Ark Midnight w/ John B. Wells
1AM - 5AM Govern America Channel Overnight
5AM - 7AM Unleavened Bread Bible Study w/David Eells
7AM - 8AM Through the Bible w/ Les Feldick
8AM - 9AM Pastor Ernie Sanders
9AM - 10AM Understanding the Times w/Jan Markell
10AM - 11AM The Divided Kingdom
11AM - 12PM Truth Seekers Radio Show
12PM - 1PM Spouting Off with Karen Kataline
1PM - 2PM Dr. Kroupa's Natural Health Hour
2PM - 5PM Operation Freedom w/ Dr. Dave Janda (LIVE)
5PM - 6PM  Ron Edwards' American Experience
6PM - 7PM Through the Bible w/ Les Feldick
7PM - 9PM Point of View w/Josh Barnes
9PM - 11PM  Jim Paris LIVE
11PM - 12AM The Tom Donahue Show


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